Leather cutting according to the model

Our products are entirely handmade; we only use prime leather, carefully selected from the beat Italian and French tannery, in order to create long lasting item. It’s for that purpose that all the linings are in calf or boar skin, practically indestructible.

The cutting is a very important moment which requires a deep knowledge of the leather in order to obtain the best results.

Our products are entirely hand-cut with a skiving knife by our experienced craftsmen. The first step consist in cutting multiple sections of the items using the cardboard model on the skins and shaping them roughly.

In a second moment, every single piece is accurately trimmed, once again by hand, and gets the same size of the model. Finally, the piece is assembled: it’s ready for the sewing process.

The sewing process

The sewing process is persued both by hand and with the sewing machine.

We always use high quality yarn, the right material to work by hand the most difficult parts and that allows the realization of solid stitches where the sewing machine does not get.