Buyer’s guide


We have divided the procedure in 4 easy and practical phases; in every phase it is possible to go back in order to correct or modify any previous choice.

1 – Cart: it is a summary statement of the products that you choose where you can modify the quantity, add other items or delete the content to annul the order.

2 – Data Collection: you have to enter your data and pay attention that they are correct.

Delivery address: you have to fill it out with the address of where you want to receive the item.

Billing address: you have to fill this sheet out only if you are a company and you need the invoice. 

You have to state a delivery address where the courier can always find someone to withdraw the package. If you are never at home you can use your office or workplace address, or a relative/friend address.

3 – Shipping: after you have complete your order you will be contacted via e-mail for the conclusion of the order with the shipping cost. Once the order is confirmed and the payment is done, we can proceed with the shipment and you will receive our e-mail with the tracking number.

4 – Payment method: we offer the safest form of payment; with credit card through a private link (we will send it via e-mail), with PayPal or bank transfer.